Sorgen Premium Travel Support Socks (Black, Beige)

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*Sorgen Travel Support Socks, by applying graduated compression , maximum at the ankle, reducing gradually towards the calf, effectively squeezes blood upwards in the legs. Sorgen Travel Support Socks thus helps the flow of the blood back to the heart, reduces congestion and relieves pain, fatigue and swelling, reducing the risk of DVT.*Sorgen Premium Travel Socks use the premium MICROFIBER FABRIC making it extremely comfortable to wear. Microfibers are the finest of all fibers, synthetic and natural. Hosiery made from microfibers are characterized by a very high thread density, which llows the skin to breathe and regularte temperature easier. Microfiber also retains its shape for a long time with repeated washes, with no change in compression level.*Sorgen Premium travel support socks are manufactured by Vogue Misr, an affiliate of SALZMANN AG, ST. Gallen, Switzerland. They are manufactured using the latest machinery with high quality control.*Sorgen travel support socks is best suitable for flying, air travel, long haul flights, prevention obef DVT in flights, oedema, blood clots*Sorgen travel support socks are graded compression stockings which are knee length and are ideal for both men and women.

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