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PREGGY NewMom Kit - Fourth Trimester kit

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  • New Mom Hamper.

    New moms love their kids more than anything else in the world but sometimes they may feel neglected as everyone's attention is on the baby. Their postpartum depression makes things worse. Hence a new mom hamper that is a combo of essentials for both mom and the baby is a good idea to make the mothers happy. Skip flowers and chocolates and give her a meaningful gift. Celebrate the arrival of the baby with this hamper.

    The Moms Co Body Wash

    Thanks to the changes in hormones during pregnancy and child birth, a new mom's skin becomes sensitive and may lose hydration. The Moms Co Body Wash is a superb gift for a new mom it is gentle on skin and helps the skin to restore its natural moisture. Moreover, it has orange essential oil that has refreshing properties and helps to lift her mood.

    Baby dress romper and jhabla

    Romper is not only a cute dress choice for a newborn baby but a practical dress too. As its name suggests it is perfect clothing for sleeping. It is comfortable and breathable and is a perfect gift choice. Jhabla is made from soft organic cotton and is gentle and soft on baby's skin. Jhabla and romper are unisex dresses that are perfect gifts.

    Pillow for labour support

    New moms need special pillow to support them and keep them comfortable while they breastfeed their babies. It helps them to sleep comfortably and recover from childbirth. It keeps them relaxed and positioned while nursing. It is surprising to see what a small pillow can do to create soothing and calming effect.

    New Mom Positivity Wall Hanging

    The toughest part of new motherhood is the negativity that creeps in due to exhaustion and stress. A new mom needs positivity to help her to adopt and adjust to the new role. The first few months can be tougher than what a new mom expected. This wall hanging sends positive message loud and clear to make them stay motivated and happy.

    Document holder

    The baby's documents like Birth Certificate, hospital records, immunization and vaccination schedules, and doctor's visit schedules are very important. They should be kept safe and organized. This beautiful document holder is very useful gift for a new mom.

    Stretch oil

    Stretch oil from Moms Co. is a combination of natural oils is suitable for all skin types. It promotes the natural collagen synthesis in the skin to get rid of post-delivery stretch marks. It soothes the stretched skin and promotes elasticity and regeneration of skin. A new mom is often worried about her stretch marks. This is an appropriate gift to make her happy.

    Motherhood is glorious but it can be really trying at times. New moms can lose their nerve easily. It is important to keep them physically and mentally healthy. Gift hampers are one of the ways to delight them. Get them to make a new mom happy.

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PREGGY NewMom Kit - Fourth Trimester kit
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