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Delivery Hamper.

The nine-month-long wait comes to an end when the baby is delivered and it can be a heavenly feeling for the proud parents to hold the little bundle of joy in their hands. It is customary for friends and relatives to visit the new parents and the newborn to show their love.  If you are planning to make one such visit, you should make sure you get them a memorable and useful gift. Don't rack your brains and spend your precious time deciding what to buy. Buy a Pregnancy delivery hamper kit.

Delivery bag

A stylish and beautiful delivery bag with multiple pouches to accommodate all essentials of the baby is a must needed gift that will be of great use for a long time to keep baby stuff organized. The bag can be a rescuer when taking the baby for a short outing. It can be a best friend to new parents when they pack their baby's essentials.

Feeding Kurti

Breastfeeding is a crucial period as both the mom and the baby should be comfortable. A feeding Kurti makes sure the mom is at ease and the baby is fed with ample care. It simplifies the feeding process to a large extent and is of great help while feeding in public places. It also looks stylish when paired with a pair of jeans or leggings. It is a perfect gift without any doubt.

 Welcome baby wall hanging

This is the apt gift to mark the special occasion of the arrival of a new baby. Bringing home the newborn can be very exciting. The new addition to the family should be welcomed to the home and the world. This wall hanging serves the purpose so well. It is an exquisite gift when you visit the new born baby.

Maternity pads

Normal sanitary pads are not convenient to use after delivery as the flow is heavy. Maternity pads are softer to make sure they don't irritate the stitches and are more absorbent to avoid the hassle of changing pads frequently. Maternity pads are very useful for postpartum care for the new mom.

Toiletries pouch

A cute pouch with the essential basic toiletries is a considerate gift to the new mom.  The pouch can be used for the mom or the little cutie pie. It is not a one-time use gift. So it will be treasured for longer time and you will be remembered whenever they see the pouch.

Sipper water bottle

New moms need to drink more water keep their body hydrated. They need extra water replace the water used to produce milk. They will feel exhausted to get up and drink water frequently. A sipper water bottle is an ideal gift as the new mom can take little sips from the bottle without getting up from bed

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