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Aadhrea natural therapy bag + Praana steam distilled oil

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Experiencing back pain or joint pain in the knee during pregnancy is quiet common. And application of hot or cold compress is also recommended. This combination of products can help alleviate that pain.

This package includes the natural therapy bag and also a therapeutic blend of steam distilled oils to help with muscle and joint pain.

Praana (15ml) - is a blend of natural flower steam distilled oils of rosemary, eucalyptus, peppermint, holy basil, ginger, camphor, rosemary. All these are known relieve muscle aches and spasms, joint aches and anti-inflammtory Take a 2-3 drops and rub or massage on your body that is aching for about 5-10 minutes. Add a couple of drops more if you feel its all absorbed in the skin. Rub or massage gently for another 5 minutes. Also the aroma will also bring some calmness to the mind.

Now use the therpay pack. The pack is filled with aromatic and therapeutic natural seeds and herbs which when used as a hot pack can releive you from muscle stiffness, joint pains, back aches, menstrual cramps, head aches. Heat the pack in a microwave for 60-90 seconds. Place on the body where the oil has been massaged. If you need it to be warmer, heat for a further 30 seconds and not more than two minutes entirely. Once the the pack has cooled down repeat the heating of the pack if required.

Note, the heat pack can be used without the oil too. However, the heat pack works better when the oil is applied.

You can also the pack as a cold-pack. Keep away in freezer and use to treat sun-burns, dry skin etc.

Consult with your physician once before using.

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Aadhrea natural therapy bag + Praana steam distilled oil
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