Our Brands

1. BabyPro - BabyPro helps to make your home safe for kids by preventing avoidable accidents and injuries. They have a strong on-the-ground experience of baby proofing Indian homes. BabyPro curates the best safety kit, which is essential for the safety of your baby. All BabyPro products are easy to install and does not require any professional help

2. Bdiapers - Delivering India's First Rash Free, Leak Proof Hybrid Cloth Diapers With Eco Friendly Disposable Nappy Pads. Pioneers at creating diapers which are healthy, eco-friendly, trendy and affordable.

3. Bebeburp- A brand that handcrafts baby food which is 100% organic and natural. A growing initiative started by passion fueled individuals who want to deliver only the best when it comes to the dietary needs of the little ones.

4. Boingg - Boingg creates fun, stylish and quirky furniture to bring joy to every little one's room! Every Boingg product is made in our own manufacturing facility, right from the concept design to final finishing, and goes through rigorous quality and safety tests before it gets delivered to you.

5. Healthy Treat - Healthy Treat was started with an aim to provide 100 % pure roasted snacks that are healthy and tasty at the same time. The Indian market consists of various roasted snacks options but unfortunately, most of them are just fried snacks whose outer oil is extracted and sold in the name of roasted snacks. To end this, "Healthy Treat" was started to provide consumers snacks which are purely roasted with traditional Indian roasting methods.

6. Hungry Brain- A company that has Sensory stimulation products which enhances intellectual development in newborns. They also have 1 year home based program which strengthens thinking skills of the baby

7. Life & Pursuits - Life & Pursuits offers ‘Organic Ayurveda' wellness and beauty. Certified by USDA (USA) and NATURE (Europe), the most stringent and reputed organic certification programs globally. The products combine the ancient wisdom of Indian Ayurveda with the most stringent organic international standards.

8. Little Veda - A brand that is committed to bringing age-old, natural, traditional solutions that nourish and aid in the development and balance of New Mama’s & their little ones right from when they come into this world. Littleveda aims to support every pregnant & new mom’s journey through motherhood by bringing easy solutions for them, so they are able to get the support needed in every stage of pregnancy & post pregnancy.

9. Mystere Paris- A sleepwear, loungewear and maternity wear brand. The brand caters to women who are looking for stylish and comfortable garments that are affordable. Mystere Paris believes in bringing its customers international designs, prints and colours based on global trends.

10. NBAN - Designed and conceptualized in Singapore, NBANTM was launched in India with the sole aim to provide nausea free life to one and all.A one of a kind brand which helps with multiple nausea related issues

11.Nutribud Foods - Founded by parents with Love & Care. At Nutribud Foods, ensuring that your little one has a nutritional meal is of utmost importance. Therefore traditional recipes are crafted carefully without any preservatives, additives, sugar and salt. It is likable to buds and easy to cook.

12. Shumee - Shumee strives to create innovative kids learning toys that provide the much-needed break from screens. The mission is to reduce the burden of plastic and batteries from our planet. That's only wooden toys that are eco-friendly and free from toxic paints are manufactured. If you are an aware parent looking for eco-friendly, educational, Indian wooden toys that help your kids in learning various skills, Shumee is your go to online store!

13. Slurrp Farm - Slurrp was born in October, 2016, to provide healthy, yummy, and natural food for children. Natural recipes from grandmothers kitchens and healthy ingredients and turned into innovative recipes which make them tasty and healthy for the children

14. Superbottoms - India's no. 1 eco-friendly reusable baby cloth diapers. A trusted baby care brand of 1sts, with over 2 lakh users in India, won the KSP award for three consecutive years.

15. The White Willow is a startup driven by the philosophy that people have different body types and sleeping styles, and hence, they should have access to a wide range of pillows to choose as per their comfort levels and personal choice.They offer a large product portfolio with over 70 different types of pillows. All pillows are made with superior quality, eco-friendly raw materials, which are safe for the consumers as well as the environment.

16. Timios - At Timios the priority is to make food that’s good for kids! This is why wholesome and tasty treats have been created exclusively for their tiny tummies. Products are made with natural ingredients that are low in salt and sugar, free from artificial preservatives and made with lots of love! Every Timios product is designed to provide age-appropriate nutrition to children of different age groups- babies, toddlers, and schoolers.

17. True Elements - a world where promises and claims aren’t made up of lies, half-truths and jargons. Where, 100% Taste is achieved with 0% Chemicals, 0% Preservatives and 0% Added Sugar.Where, every product does only one thing really well - taste good while being good for you, naturally. By providing food that ranges from "nashta" to "tiffin" (depending upon which part of the world you are in), True elements aim to be India's Most trusted Whole-food plant-based Nashta brand.

18. Windmill baby - Natural certified baby friendly cleaning products for your every need.Windmill cleaning products are scientifically researched, tested and certified keeping in mind what’s safe! No Compromise! Clean products that Clean well.

19. Yashram Lifestyle Brands - morph maternity:
Started in the year 2008 by Yashram Lifestyle Brands Pvt Ltd. (Yashram.com) , Morph Maternity is the most loved maternity wear & nursing wear brand in India. Being the first to innovate on multiple products like feeding kurtas, leak proof nursing bras, maternity hygiene panties, Morph Maternity has taken a special place in the Indian woman's journey through motherhood.

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