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Your newborn baby will require 16 to 17 hours of sleep a day, and after three months, that is decreased to 15 hours. A 3-6-month-old baby will require 13 to 15 hours of proper sleep. Proper sleep is essential for your baby, as it enables their growth and development. But making your baby go off to sleep is a very tedious job to do. Here are some tips that will get your 3- 6-month-old baby to sleep.  

1. Expose your baby to natural light

expose your baby to natural daylight in the mornings and keep the bedroom dark at nights. This helps build the sleep hormone melatonin in their system. Along with this establish a regular bedtime and naptime

2. Swaddle

Swaddling works like a miracle for some babies when trying to let them fall asleep. You can saddle your baby with the help of a blanket or sheet and make them feel comfortable. Once your baby feels secure, he will sleep in a few minutes.

3. Be an investigator

Try to find out every possible reason why your baby is not able to sleep. Sometimes it may be something related to their health, making them uncomfortable and staying them awake. Eliminate all possible things that are creating a problem for your baby and not letting them fall asleep. Sometimes it’s just that your baby needs to be fed just before going to sleep.‍

4. Establish a regular bedtime and nap time

During the night, your baby is likely to need to be breastfed at least until they are six months old. If you fulfil the need of food for your baby quickly, your baby will fall asleep soon after feeding. A baby feels secure when they know that they will be fed when they need it, and such a secure baby does not have a problem going to sleep.

When your baby is a little older, establish a regular bedtime as well as consistent nap time during the day. Making a routine will help your child to regulate her sleep pattern. Fix a time for your baby to go to bed and stick to the time.  

5. Following a bedtime routine

A bedtime routine can be any religious rituals, changing clothes of your baby, singing a bedtime song(lullaby) or telling a story or just giving a goodnight kiss. Choose any of the bedtime routines to make sure you do it in the same order at the same time every night. Babies thrive on consistency.

‍These are some tips to get your 3-6-month-old baby sleep.‍

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