Farlin Washable Breast Pad 6 Pcs
Farlin Washable Breast Pads are made from a specially treated material which reduces the risk of odour and bacterial growth. The pads have ultrasonically sealed stitching which prevents breast milk from leaking out through the seams. The material is thin...
Rs. 450.00 Rs. 306.00
Farlin Disposable Breast Pad 36 Pcs
These Farlin Disposable Breast Pads are designed to absorb the excess milk to give you a comfortable day. Fabricated of absorbing cotton and silky soft top sheet along with multi layers of tissue with sealed edges and double tape along...
Rs. 450.00 Rs. 306.00
Lansinoh Soothies Breast GelPad for Breastfeeding & Relief, 2 Pcs
About the product Soothies Gel Pads by Lansinoh - Gel technology relieves sore nipplesSoothing gel cools on contactAbsorbent gel helps prevent leakageUnique soft fabric layer forms protective barrier to prevent bra friction and allow healingEach pad may be re-used up...
Rs. 1,781.00 Rs. 1,370.00
Philips Avent Breast Pad SCF254/24
The Philips Avent disposable breast pads help to support your breast feeding journey. The pack has 24 individually wrapped for your hygiene, perfect for on-the-go. Honeycomed texture, ultra thin ultra absorbent core and leak proof & breathable design, make you...
Rs. 274.00 Rs. 233.00
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Farlin Latch Assist Nipple Puller With Case (Pink)
Mom's go through a lot during pregnancy. One of the conditions they experience is inverted or flat nipples. One needs to breast feed one's young as it is helpful in the overall growth of the baby. Farlin nipple correction is...
Rs. 325.00 Rs. 221.00
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