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A fussy baby or uncomfortable child is no fun. Comfortable clothes can reduce the likelihood of tears or a tantrum so be sure your child can move around effortlessly when wearing the clothes. This includes every imaginable turn, twist, or body contortion imaginable. Remember, children are much more agile than we are!‍

Comfort also includes coolness or warmth (depending on the season). Natural fibers such as cotton, silk, or wool are good choices.


Babies and young children are known for their growth spurts, some more predictable than others. It’s wise to go a little bigger than “just fits.” ‘Just fits” may soon constrict rapidly growing limbs. However, going more than a whole size bigger may result in clothes falling off! It may be difficult to plan even for the following season so proceed with caution.

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There are certain elements to dressing infants and young children well that never go out of style. For instance, snaps make diaper changes easier. Flowing sleeves can get messy. Overlapping, “easy” shoulders make on and off a cinch. Elastic waists are less time-consuming that zippers and buttons.

‍An extra button or two can be a lifesaver. Look for these features when shopping for clothes. These features are often so well-integrated into the clothing item that you may not even notice them. Remember that even the most high-end fashions for infants and children can have these functional features. Look for them and you won’t be sorry.‍

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It’s easy to dress up or dress down clothes for young people. Hairbows, hairbands, and hats top the list. For little girls, tights of different patterns, designs, or fabrics can add a different look to an outfit. A new sweater or tie can totally change the look. In winter, mittens and scarves, as well as hats, can add new life to winter coats. Don’t forget the footwear including socks! There are many choices available for babies and children today. Make it fun and the fun will be contagious!

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Who wants to be dull? Babies and children love lots of colour and bright patterns including stripes, polka dots, and swirls.

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