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Attic Space Legacy Sy No 79, 4, Outer Ring Rd, opp. to Cloud Nine Hospital, Bellandur Bangalore, IN
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Your life was quite normal. Then one morning everything turns topsy-turvy. All of a sudden, everyone’s congratulating you, giving you tips on how-tos, telling you about being extra careful, visiting the doctors, finding a unique name and so many other things. You just discovered you are expecting a baby! 

All of this feels quite invigorating and takes you on a Cloudnine high, no doubt about it. But it’s overwhelming too. You needn’t go off your rocker about it though, ‘coz there’s always a solution!

Newborn shopping is a massive task, but then, what are we (Cloudnine), if not the best for you. That’s why on Cloudnine, we reinstate and proudly say that We know Moms. So we know ways to take care of all requisites, for you and your cuddle bun, your baby, happily resting in your arms.

Becoming a parent is one of the happiest things that can ever happen. At the same time quite overwhelming. To help you from all these confusions and ease your life we have come up with a list of some must have baby essentials.

We’ve created a list of things that your baby would love you for:

  1. Diapers and a Diaper Bag

You will need diapers, diapers, and a lot of diapers. This should be on the top of your list. You will need a diaper bag to carry these ‘one of the most necessary items.’

  1. Blankets and Pillow

A nice and comfortable pair of blankets and pillows can help you in a great way to make your baby sleep. 

  1. Swaddle

A Swaddle is a definite game changer when it comes to sleep.  We all love a cosy little comfortable place to sleep, so do babies. Using swaddles you can wrap the baby super tight to mimic the “night-nurse burrito” and it takes only a second.


  1. Baby Carrier

This is something you wish you had right away because it helps you carry your baby safe and close to you even if they are really small.

  1. Baby Swing 

A good swing is quite a key for the early days. A swing is just a great “extra set of hands” and you’d like to keep it in a place where you can see it even from the kitchen.

  1. Strollers

A nice stroller can make travelling a lot easier, comfortable, and quite enjoyable for both you and your baby. A must have item!

Mamas, these are everyone’s favourite. They just make it easy to zip, no snapping. It’s easy for the dads too. Just save yourself and every one the trouble and get some zip fronts. Trust us, you’ll love them. 

There are a whole lot of things you can buy. These are the must haves. We believe they top the newborn shopping list.

Apart from all the newborn shopping, one more thing to note is the authenticity of the products. We all are well aware of the duplicity that goes on nowadays. Finding an authentic shopping place can be quite a headache. To help you in this, we have also hunted down an authentic and trustworthy platform for all your mother and baby needs. is Cloudnine’s platform where you’ll find all trustworthy and authentic and organic products for both the mother and the baby. Be it, Maternity garments and essentials, reusable baby diapers, rash creams, strollers, lactation supplements for mothers and so much more. Momeaze takes care of your needs and provides you with the best mother and baby care products available across the country. 

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