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Apart from clinical consultations, prenatal classes and a healthy diet what’s one more thing which, if provided with can make the expecting moms super happy and feel loved?

Yeah, you guessed it right! Their partner’s support.

Pregnancy is one of the happiest times in the life of a couple. But it also comes with a lot of stress. Your pregnant partner will be riding through a rollercoaster of emotions, body changes, cravings and so much more. You might wonder how can you help her with all these. Well, let us tell you something, there is a number of things you can do to help. 

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Wondering, what will be the impact of it?

Studies show that partner support during pregnancy has positive impacts on the mental and physical health of the mother and the baby. According to research, women who do not receive partner support during pregnancy report higher levels of anxiety and depression and are more likely to smoke. Having an emotionally and financially supportive partner is significantly correlated with decreased stress levels among mothers. Both of you can listen to some soothing music, discuss your baby positively. You can even ask your wife what she feels like eating and prepare it for her. Take out time from your busy schedule to see if she is doing good. Keep some bedside quick bites and water for her midnight cravings. Additionally, partners' participation in prenatal appointments is strongly linked to decreased stress levels among moms.

How can I be a supportive partner?

You’re not the only one asking this question. Many partners want to support their pregnant partners, but feel unsure of how to go about it. They are unsure of what their partner really wants or needs, and what the best way is to get involved

Well, the best thing to start with is, Ask. Ask her what you can do for her, or what she wants you to do for her. Trust us expecting dads, asking never hurts. 

But you can’t always go on asking for everything. Remember she’s on the emotional rollercoaster? Yeah, you guess it right! Too many questions can be a trouble. What to do then? 

Ask Cloudnine!

We have, here, got some expert tips to become a supportive partner and make her happy. Real happy. 

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Educate Yourself

Knowledge is the passport to a happy life, for happy life belongs to those who prepare for it today.

Wondering who said this?

We, Cloudnine ;)

Start with educating yourself regarding pregnancy. The more you learn about what is happening in your partner’s changing body and its effects on their emotional and physical states the better you can help and support them. The same goes for better development of your baby and how to prepare for childbirth and postpartum. Here are the things you should start with:

  • Get your hands on some good pregnancy books. The paperbacks will provide you with detailed guidance on pregnancy and the stages an expecting mother goes through
  • Attend a Childbirth class or connect to a childbirth educator or your partner’s healthcare provider. Ask them about pregnancy
  • Got a friend who just had a baby? Go! Talk to them. Listen to their journey. Ask them what they did in a certain situation. They can be your best teachers

Get yourself involved

Attend any and all the medical appointments the expecting mother has. Discuss what prenatal tests you may want to attend. Research with your partner for a good healthcare provider. (Not bragging, but they call Cloudnine the Moms’ expert. You know what that means, don’t you? ;) )

Talk to her 

Communication is the key.

You would be amazed by the clarity and the transparency that open communications can bring into your relationship. Talk to her. Share your feelings. Show her your excitement and the love you have for her and your unborn baby. 

Ask the right questions

Earlier in the blog, we advised you to ask questions. But if you remember, we also warned you that too many questions can put you into trouble. Find the midway. Ask the right questions. Ask the questions she’d like to answer.‍

Provide her with physical and emotional support

While she undergoes so many physical changes and struggles to handle them, make it your duty to help her through her activities. Go pregnancy shopping with her. Make sure you are with her when she steps out for the evening walk. 

But that’s not enough. The pregnancy stress can sometimes really take a toll on her. Take care of her emotional health. Talk to her, let her share her feelings, go for pregnancy counselling if need be. 

With all these, be mindful of your emotional health too. Becoming a father is not easy. And expecting dad through a lot of emotional changes too. Do not ignore yourself. Reach out for help if need be. Talk to a close friend, a family member or a psychologist.  Reach out to your everytime-there-for-you friend, Cloudnine.

Have a happy fatherhood journey!‍

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